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HR Strategy

Using the Dave Ulrich HR Model, an HR strategy can be devised that supports your business strategy enabling you to drive the business strategy through effective people management.

We begin the process by asking:

  • To fulfill our business strategy what competencies do we need?
  • How can we get better productivity from those we hire?
  • How can we identify the leaders?
  • How do we reduce the costs of hiring?
  • How do we reduce employee turnover?

A HR Service delivery model is then designed to deliver on the HR strategy.

Competency Framework

There is a link between investing in people (talent) and corporate performance. This link starts when the critical competencies necessary for your business are identified. A competency framework consisting of organizational and functional competencies linked to your business strategy and specific to your company can be designed.

This process:

  • Consolidates the information of all stakeholders and provides a 'competency dictionary' specific for your company, providing a common vocabulary unique to your organisation
  • Provides a blueprint for recruiting and selecting the right employees first time around
  • Ensures that your HR activities recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, organisational and career development and talent management and succession planning are relevant and achieve your company's goals by linking into the competency framework.

Role Profiling

This comprehensive process is a systematic way to gather and analyze information about the content and human requirements of the job, and the context in which the job is performed. Simply put, this process identifies the inherent requirements of positions, taking into account the underlying inherent competencies, functional competencies and motivational factors required in specific positions to produce job descriptions.

This process:

  • Identifies the existing tasks, duties and responsibilities of the job/ outputs
  • Identifies what knowledge, skills and abilities are required to perform the job/ inputs
  • Establishes weightings per output and competency
  • Classifies the jobs into job families
  • Provides a weighting matrix per job family

Performance Management System

Precise and clearly defined indicators of what needs to be done to successfully perform the job and the criteria that will be used to measure the performance. This system links into your competency framework and job profiles.

This process:

  • Gives understanding of the factors that motivate people to perform in positions
  • Gives an insight into how employees' performance and careers should be managed
  • Shows how to effectively manage poor performance using this system
  • Enables you to link your reward system into it
  • Develops a roadmap to high performance
  • Shifts the performance curve towards high performance
  • Builds a high performance organisation

Talent Management and Succession Planning

A talent management model that will be the foundation of your succession plan can be developed.

This process:

  • Will identify your talent
  • Build your talent into your succession plan
  • Will devise retention strategies to successfully retain and manage your talent




A leadership model based on "Good to Great" can be developed.

This process:

  • Will customise a model for your company
  • Will grade your jobs into the levels of leadership
  • Provides leadership questionnaires to measure leadership

Organisational Development

Organisational Perception surveys and organizational diagnostics can be customized, designed, administered and reports produced.

This process:

  • Will enable you to learn more about your employees
  • Improve your best company profile
  • Will enable you to understand the climate and culture in your company
  • Will enable you to design interventions for the "hotspots"

Change Management

Change Management services inclusive of a toolkit to take you through the change management journey of managing organizational change.

This process:

  • Will cover change management strategy and approach
  • Identifies key stakeholders
  • Enables change readiness assessments
  • Will include communication management

Interim HR Management

Should your organization have HR vacancies due to someone having gone on maternity or long leave, placement as an interim HR Manager, HR Executive to ensure continuity of your HR function can be arranged.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A CSI programme can be designed specifically for your company with a focus on benefiting the communities within which you trade and improve your points on your BBBEE scorecard.

Employment Equity

Employment equity plans can be developed and assistance with the annual employment equity report can be provided. Employment equity training and diversity training, setting up of EE committees can be provided.

Skills Development

Assistance with the workplace skills plan, annual training report and training needs analysis can be provided.

HR Administration

Compiling of letters of appointment, temporary contracts, writing of policies and procedures can be provided.

Employee Relations

The following services can be provided:

  • Setting up a disciplinary framework
  • Setting up a poor performance management process
  • Chairing of disciplinary hearings
  • CCMA representation
  • Employee Relations training courses designed to reduce your labour turnover


Time and fees for consulting services and project work can be structured to suit the needs of your business.

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